• Lorenzo Monduy, Jr.

    Army 2004-2008 Served in Iraq for 15 months 68 Whiskey Combat Medic B1-37FA

    Lorenzo lives in Dunnellon and has a company called My Community Compost where he teaches about composting and sells compost to the community. He also grows micro-greens commercially.

  • Jeffrey Buchanan

    4 years active duty
    Air Traffic Controller
    Army Reserves

    Jeffrey Buchanan was active duty in the USAF 4 years. He got out of the military to finish school and was in the Army Reserve while working to complete graduate school. He stayed on in NC after graduating and taught English and workplace literacy. Presently, Jeffrey lives in Bradford county and owns an adult family care home. He houses veterans with a variety of issues requiring supervised living.

  • Lane Harris

    Machine gunner,
    2nd battalion
    7th Marines Echo Company

    Lane lives in Trenton, Florida with his wife and 3 children on their organic farm called Shovel & Seed where he grows vegetables and sustainably-raised meat and eggs... And roses of course. Lane also has a Wood-fired oven business called Ash and Ember. He has started a non-profit which also trains wounded Vets to own their own wood-fired oven business under the name of RTB (Return to Base).

  • Tayden Haile

    5 1/2 years aboard the USS Blue Ridge
    1 year - Bahrain, Fu Jah Ali, and Dubai

    Tayden was a Boatswain mate second class petty officer surface warfare qualified. He now lives with his wife and 7 wonderful children. He is the youth leader at his church in Orange Park, Fl.

  • Debbie Jank

    Air Force

    Debbie began her Air Force Nursing experience in January 1989 in the AF Reserve out of Chicago. Her husband changed jobs five months after she was commissioned relocating us to Louisville, KY. She joined KyANG's 123rd TAC Hospital July of that year. She obtained the rank of Captain and functioned as OIC of Staff Development.

  • James Cantlin

    Marine Corps

    James joined the Marine Corps in 2006. He enlisted as an Ammunition Technician (2311). His job was to store, maintain, and deliver ammunition for training and combat operations. During his deployment to the Helmand region of Afghanistan in 2008, he cross trained as an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technician. His job (in addition to his normal duties) was to provide support as part of a route clearance team to identify and eliminate IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). He was stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay. He was attached to Combat Logistics Battalion 3 (CLB-3), 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines (2/3), and Headquarters Battalion for the base. He served for 4 years and left as a Sergeant (E5). In 2012 he enlisted in the Washington Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout (19D). In 2017, he was declared unfit for duty due to his lingering injuries from my Marine Corps service and left as an Infantryman (11B).

  • Rebekah Cantlin

    Marine Corps

    Rebekah joined the Marine Corps in November of 2007, trained in 29Palms to be an 0612, a.k.a Marine Wireman. Her job consisted of handling communications equipment, setting up the phone systems in the field, fixing lines, issuing out comm devices including sat phones for convoys. She was stationed in Kaneohe bay in Oahu where she met her husband James. She picked up Corporal in 2009 and deployed with CLB-3, Combat Logistics Battalion to the Hellman region of Afghanistan in 2010. She honorably finished her time in service in 2011.


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